Tuesday, 12 May 2015

Falling off the bandwagon

Somewhere out there somebody came up with a saying one time, falling off the bandwagon. Now honestly I have no idea what a bandwagon is but I do know a thing or two about falling off it! When it comes to weight loss and life changing well flip, that is one hard thing to do. My best advice is you will fall off at some stage and if you are like me you will fall off a few times but it is the struggle of getting back on that is important.

What happened to me? Well a few weeks ago it was Easter and I went home to my parents house, then my uni work got heavy, then we had a giant storm where trees were down everywhere and my power was out for a week and all of a sudden I was left with lots of excuses, not much healthy eating occurring and no desire to change it back  for good. But there is hope. Sure I went close to a month almost without caring and I put back on 1.5kgs of my hard work. But this is the week we get back on again and start. This week we try to give up carbs and sugar and push forward. This is the week that we need to cause there is only 4 weeks of uni left and once uni is on break I have no routine and I will struggle more.

For me the secret is to keep busy. I obsess over things in my mind so dieting sucks cause when I give up sugar all I can think about is sugar the entire time. Makes it hard but also makes it so much more rewarding when I achieve it as if you can give something up that you are constantly thinking about then you must have finally developed self control!

So keep going guys. Keep pushing on cause I am on struggle street to but we are in this together!

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