Tuesday, 31 March 2015


So...bad news everybody. Turns out I suck at sticking to the plan. I have been quite good a sticking to my kilojoules but I have skipped the gym everyday this week due to a couple of factors.
  1. Laziness, well duh!
  2. Uni work, it is the second last week of uni and I have been a bit busy with assessments but not over the top so not the best excuse really
  3. Netflix, it launched in Australia this week and I watched it.
All of that coupled with a friends 21st (sarah) this week has not helped in the results department much at all. I am going to try and stick with it this week and go to soccer training and the gym at least twice as friday is good friday and I am away all weekend.

As far as weight loss goes this week, well let's not talk about it just quite yet! That should give you an indication of where we are at.

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