Friday, 15 May 2015

Humans are weird...

So I got back on the proverbial horse this week and decided to try and get some exercise in. It was good I tried to get back into the c25k program on my phone. It is an app that supposedly can get you from the couch to running 5kms in 8 weeks or something like that. It had been a month since I had done any decent exercise or been to the gym so I was not looking forward to starting again but the sooner you start the easier it gets...yeah right thats what they tell you anyway. It is actually way easier to just not start and not do anything really lets be honest but points for persevering and getting back into it.
so the plan was eat healthy and exercise this week. That went ok. The eating healthy part not too great as coffee rules my life. I am trying to give up carbs but the odd sweet here and there and coffee just takes over me and I give in. Next week we are going to try a new tactic of not taking my wallet to uni so I cannot give into temptation. Only problem there is cardless cash with my phone is always an option so I will have to have some will power and self control. Really I need to tighten the old budget as I am low on the old savings due to purchasing a new washing machine so if there was ever a time to tighten the belt and save money and my waistline it is now so I will aim to start next week again and this time hopefully succeed. In two weeks I am yet to go a full day without carbs which is sad seeing as that is my aim but hey gotta start somewhere right?

But why are humans weird? Well it all comes down to this weeks exercise. My running routine is run for 1 and a half minutes and walk for two and repeat this 6 times. Sounds easy enough. Well I lasted 4 repetitions and nearly died which was alright considering I had not done anything. Tuesday I had soccer training which was death as well. Wednesday I went to do my running routine again and couldn't fully complete one repetition before I got shin splints and had to stop. Friday once again I went in there to do the running and was aiming to do at least 4 repetitions again but I managed to do all 6...only just but I did do it. So waht the flip? how does that even work? How can I barely do 1 rep then two days later do all 6? I am so confused. Next week I am going to do the same week of running again to make sure my body is used to it before going up to the next level.

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