Tuesday, 19 May 2015

And we are back!

So...after last weeks attempt to get back on the wagon we are still going alright after a few days! For those of you who care and are following the journey (probably nobody out there, that s alright not the point of the blog really it is more for my own sake) we are back into action.

After the weekend we had a few ups and downs consuming lollies and kebabs and beer but you get that. Back into action yesterday and we went pretty much the entire day with no carbs! Even turned down the best looking desserts ever at bible study last night. Brownies and apple crumble and choclate pudding and ice cream and orange and poppy seed cakes. You have come a long way when you can turn down all those home baked goods that smell so nice.

In better news, I am back to where I was a month ago. Back around the 114.5 kg mark. Only 14 to go now. But I am genuinely surprised how quickly I returned here as I was up around 116 a week and a half ago so thought it might take a few weeks to drop it again. So it is like being back at the start and we just progress from here. Trying to squeeze in the execise really helps. Last week I managed 5 days which is good and I am playing soccer which I enjoy so that makes it really fun as well. I do end up sore afterwards but it is fun!

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