Monday, 23 March 2015

But why...

I think this is a really big question that needs to be asked when starting any form of weight loss sort of journey. I am the kind of person who needs a reason and motivation to do things or else it just is not worth my time or effort. Weight loss is one of those things that I really struggle with because it takes such a long time and it is so easy just to say no to exercise and do other things...kinda like uni work.

I guess to know the reason you will have to understand who I am first so here are some of the details:
  1.  I am a 23 year old guy
  2. I currently study at university hoping to one day become an industrial arts teacher (high school teacher who teaches woodwork and metalwork and fun stuff like that)
  3. I am a Christian who loves God (that one might not seem important but I think it is one of the most important parts of me)
  4. I have a fiancé whom I am due to marry in November (Heck Yes!)
  5. I don't really get up to much besides uni, church, bible study, studying and catching up with friends
Hopefully that helps to give you a bit of a better picture of who I am and to understand where I am coming from. I really am just an average Joe you would walk past on the street and probably nnever even realise or notice in anyway.

Anyway back to my reasoning...I guess that I have been struggling with my weight for the last 5 years. Ever since school finished my metabolism slowed down and I suddenly went from sport 6 days a week to almost nothing which made me add on the kilos fairly quickly. When I finished year 12 I was 105kgs. Most of my teenage years were spent in the low 90kgs until I finished my final exams. After I finished school I worked in outdoor recreations (running school camps) for a couple of years. Now this may sound like it should help being outdoors and active running things like abseiling and rock climbing and running around with kids. I am sure it did help a little bit but it also meant I spent two years eating every hour and a half. The way camp works is that happy customers are well fed customers and they were highly refined carbs most of the time. Eating breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon tea, dinner, dessert and supper everyday started putting a few more kilos on. By the time I finished working there and started uni I was fluctuating around the 118kg marks or so.

And that is where it all had to change. I struggled for a year at uni with trying to eat healthy but with not great budgeting skills and laziness I often turned to fast food out of convenience. So Here we are in 2015. I got engaged last September and am getting married in November and have decided it is time to start getting serious. So far I am down to 114kgs which I am proud of so far seeing as I have not really tried that hard but last week we got even more serious about it all so we will see what happens. The main reason is about marriage. It is a little selfish and materialistic of me as I do not want to look fat in my photos mainly because I have to look at them forever but I think more of the reason is so Em (my future wife) can be proud of me and not have to tell me she doesn't care or mind which she probably doesn't but it is so hard to believe so it is time to start.

Most people say it is good to have a goal in mind when starting a journey and my original goal was to give it a go and try and get to 110kgs by Easter. Probably not going to happen seeing as there is only 2 weeks left til Easter but I feel like I have done well still. My dream goal would be to go under 100 and into double figures for my wedding and we still have 8 months to get there so hopefully we can stick it out!

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