Wednesday, 31 August 2016

What to do...

And so here we are yet again. After spending a few months away from this blog I am back. I am back with a lot of questions that is. 
  • Will I continue posting often? 
  • Will I continue to keep everybody updated that cares?
  • Does it all really matter?
I think for myself and this blog we all need to go back to the original mission of why I started writing to the randomness of the internet and that was to keep myself accountable and to continue strong on my weight loss journey or as I like to think of it now, my journey to changing my lifestyle. 

This represents me trying to sort out my lifestyle

I have not been here for quite a few months now and I have to admit that in that time a lot has changed in regards to the weight loss journey. Not long after my last post Easter occurred. With Easter came chocolate and an end to my commitment to sugar freeness. From that ending things got a little bit out of hand and a little bit crazy. I went from my original 120kgs to 108kgs in April before I let go. This saw me putting on a bit of weight and consistently hovering around the 115kgs mark which is still alright in terms of I lost 5kgs and was able to maintain a steady weight but I allowed it to happen and was a bit annoyed at that fact. 
So here we are now and over the last 3 weeks I have given up sugar again. Now I just want everybody to know that I do not view giving up sugar as a magic bullet or diet that will solve all of my weight issues. I genuinely enjoy giving it up. See I have come to learn that my brain is wired to be sucky at healthy eating. By the time I try and figure out what is healthy and what is not and what I have eaten to day and what I can and cannot eat it is just saying let's go get some take out and it does not cope or last long. What giving up sugar allows me to do is to create a black and white rule which i can judge my decisions by. Sugar is one of those things that is probably not that bad for you in controlled amounts but is probably not that great for you in large quantities just like pretty much everything in my opinion. But it does allow me to cut out a lot of the crap and to cut down my kilojoule intake significantly without really trying that hard. Sure, food choices do get harder and you do need some flexibility but that is all part of the journey. For instance, I do not want to be that guy who goes to someones house and they offer you brownies that they baked that fternoon just becuase you were coming over to visit and I say "Sorry, I am not eating sugar." I think that is a bit rude so in social circumstances I instigate what I like to call the I am not going to be a jerk rule and eat that brownie!

Since round two of sugar free has started a couple of weeks ago I have instigated a few changes that may be important to note here. Firstly, I have switched to logging my weight using Google fit which is quick and easy as I can just do it on my phone in 3 clicks. I have also switched scales from using my home scales to only logging weigh ins from the gym. This is because I discovered that if I move my scales slightly in my bathroom the weight dramatically changes. I do still use them to give me a rough idea of how I am going throughout the week and to try and learn how my body changes throughout the day and in relation to what I have eaten but I rely on the gym scales for official logged wieghts so they could be different to what I logged previously. Generally I think my home scales are 1.5-2kgs lighter then the gym so when I said i was 108kgs previously the gym scales probably said about 110kgs for a comparison. 

But here is where I stand at the moment and we will see what happens over the coming weeks.

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