Saturday, 19 March 2016

Breakfast...what to do!

For the last two months I have consumed countless amounts of eggs for breakfast. Most mornings consist of scrambled eggs with kale on toast with butter and a coffee. Sometimes I have rotated with bacon and poached eggs and occasionally when I am sick of it all I would eat yogurt and fruit with cinnamon instead. But after two months there is only so many times you can put up with eggs.

Last week I did have the opportunity to visit some friends for coffee and breakfast before work. In these situations I choose not to make a big deal about sugar free food as I do not want to be annoying for everyone else. So I was expecting and preparing myself for cereal or white bread or a sugar high. This never came. These friends know that I am trying to be healthier and when we arrived we had discovered  that they had baked us fresh bagel the night before that were sugar free! Score.

Bagels usually contain sugar. Many people glaze them with a sugar and water solution to give them that shiny look. Really though this is unnecessary. A bagel is essentially a bread dough that is boiled and then baked. My wife has recently taken up baking bagels and she now uses oil to coat the outside prior to baking as this gives a golden brown exterior with a little crunch much like the sugar would.

So if you are looking for something different and new for breakfast I highly encourage you to try baking (or buying) some bagels. I choose to use cream cheese on mine as it is delicious but you can use anything and can make them in all sorts of different flavours as well!

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