Saturday, 9 January 2016


With all of this talk of trying to get healthy and live better it is hard to know what to do and what to believe as everybody quotes doctors and nutritionists and many other health professionals trying to prove their way is the best way. So I needed to figure out what to do and how to do it.

Now I am not sure if it is a male v.s. female thing or whether it is just our personalities but maybe you are thinking what my wife was thinking. Why not just commit to eating healthy food and leaving out the unhealthy foods? Well for me I just cannot do it! I am a rule follower and always have been. I need to set myself boundaries. I need to create black and white so I know what is right and wrong. I am not saying this will work for everyone but it definitely will work better for me! So I need a plan with rules to make decisions easier. After all what does healthy food actually include or not include?

So I started in one of the most resource laden places I know of when it comes to eating Mum's bookshelf. After considering our options after christmas and returning home from holidays, my wife and I have decided to try and give up sugar. Now I know what you are all we go again, another guy jumping on the fad which could be true. It is one of the latest crazes along with paleo and whatever else but it is one of the most compelling to me as well! There is only so much chocolate you can eat in a life time after all. The trouble with deciding to give up sugar is that there are a lot of books and differing people from I quit sugar to Sweet poison the 2That sugar film. So I investigated each one a little bit (I mean come on who really has that much time to read 5 whole books about sugar and what to eat and what not to eat. I skimmed the useful parts).
The main points on contention include:
  • Fruit
  • Coffee
  • carbs
  • bread 
  • gluten
So we have started our journey into no sugar land and don't really know all the rules but the main aim is to avoid any added refined sugar. For now we are avoiding sweetners too so trying not to use honey or rice malt syrup as replacements for stuff but have decided to keep eating fruit, it is summer after all and that is when the yummy fruit is around. We will probably also eat bread and carbs but the wholegrain stuff baked fresh and things like fresh pasta. But hey it is a journey and we are on it and have started so that's always a good thing! Better to jump in and try then not jump at all!

If you want to see how our journey continues then keep coming back for more....I will try and post every few days whilst I am not at uni but hey you don't have to return!

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